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International Prize (Wason Medal for Materials Research)

of American Concrete Institute (ACI) for the work:

Papadakis, V.G., C.G. Vayenas, and M.N. Fardis,

"Fundamental Modeling and Experimental Investigation of Concrete Carbonation",

ACI Materials Journal, 88(4), 363-373 (1991).

Ref.: Concrete International, 15(4), 15, April 1993.

TCG Bulletin, 1768, 77, July 12, 1993.



  • Announcement by the American Concrete Institute for the Wason Medal for Materials Research, Annual Awards “progress through knowledge” April 1, 1993 - Spring Convention - Vancouver, B.C., Canada (download)
  • Letter by the American Concrete Institute (download)
  • Congratulations Letter from the University of Patras, Greece (download)
  • Cover Photograph ‘AFM micrograph of silica fume particles’ by V.G. Papadakis at the Journal of Materials Science, Volume 34: Number 4: 15 February 1999 (download)